Backup Services

Backup Solutions

In recent times data backup services have evolved manifold. It is critical to protect and take regular backups of data. Data Backup is extremely important and our data backup service guards against threats, malware, hardware failures, natural disasters and human error. Our Data Backup Services allows you to take data backup and give you a rapid access to it.

We offer Data Protection for Every Platform. Our Backup goes from Installation to Backup in 2 Minutes and is easy to use.
  • We provide complete protection with backup, duplicate, and archive features built in. So you can focus on work and do not have to worry about your data anymore. With these features, you can easily manage your data backups.
  • We deploy agents on every server, desktop, laptop to ensure complete protection across your entire infrastructure which safeguards you from any malware, virus, threats or disaster and keeps your data secure.
  • We support over 20 cloud storage providers which make it most, friendly, robust, and easy to use data backup service.
  • Backup scripts allow you to tailor a backup strategy that works best for your environment. So you now have the flexibility of designing a custom strategy to best suit your work environment.

Our data backup service is most robust, secure and user-friendly backup service allowing you to take instant backups, restore and manage data keeping it secure any threats or attacks.