Endpoint Security

Dynamic Endpoint Threat Defense offerings

SOFTPRO PLUS offers McAfee Endpoint Protection suites that harness the power of machine learning, heuristics, and reputation to detect zero-day threats to quickly expose and remediate advanced attacks. This helps protect the user against threats and keeping the system secure.

McAfee Endpoint Threat Defense & Response combines next-generation protection capabilities with the ability to hunt and respond to threats on every endpoint—whether they’re actively propagating, lying in wait, or covering their tracks to avoid detection.

McAfee Advanced Threat Defense
Detect unknown files and applications in a safe environment to expose hidden threats and protect the user. Another benefit of the service is McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange that combines comprehensive threat intelligence and organization-wide context to pinpoint where threats are attempting to establish and then counter them. McAfee Web Protection prevents more than 99.5% of zero-day malware from internet and prevents it from even reaching the endpoints. These offerings help user stay secure online and protect themselves from threats. We offer unmatched support and services to pour customers to protect them from any kind of attack or cybercrime.